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Our next meeting: Thursday, 24th October 2019 ‘Running a Great Estate: Chatsworth and Hardwick under the 1st Duke of Devonshire’ – Philip Riden. The 1st Duke of Devonshire succeeded his father in 1684 and died in 1707. This period of Chatsworth’s history is well documented, thanks partly to the survival of about a thousand letters written to the Duke’s senior officer at Hardwick, about half by his opposite number in London and half by a wide variety of other correspondents. This talk will look at what the letters tell us about the Duke and his family, and how his enormous estate was administered. 

All meetings are held in Brimington Community Centre, High Street, Brimington, S43 1DB (next to the Co-Op) and start at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm) unless otherwise stated. Admission: Members £1, Visitors £3.

Our meetings programme until summer 2020 is now available from our meetings page. 

Published 03 October 2019

Miscellany 11- for 2018 - now available 

Unfortunately publication of our annual Brimington and Tapton Miscellany has been delayed due to a number of reasons. The
volume for 2018 (number 11) is, however, now available. Contents include our  usual chronicle of local events; a brief review of council housing in Brimington; how Brimington commemorated the centenary of the end of the First World War and a description of how Red Cross volunteers in Brimington and Tapton operated during that war. We regret that a major article on Brimington Congregational Church has been held over until Miscellany 12, due to space limitations. 

Miscellany 11 is available at our meetings or fill in the contact form for more details on how to obtain a copy by post. 

Published 19 September 2019, revised 03 October 2019

Henry Bradley article available to download.

We have made available a free down-load from an article in Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 10, (for 2018) by Philip Cousins on Henry Bradley.

Henry Bradley (1845-1923) was not born in Brimington, but resided here in his youth, where his father worked for John Knowles's clay pipe and sanitary brick manufacturers outstation and iron smelting business on Brimington Common (the present Furnace Farm). during his time in the area Bradley attended Chesterfield Grammar School. On leaving Brimington in 1859 the family went to live in Sheffield. Bradley became senior and later joint editor of the then infant 'New Oxford English Dictionary', along with other accomplishments. He has made a lasting contribution to the study of the English language and to the Dictionary in particular. This account, by Philip Cousins, covers his early years in Brimington and gives some impression of the work he carried out in his later years. Conditions on Brimington Common along with a short account of John Knowles's activities in the area are also given. 

To down-load the article as a pdf visit our History of the area page. 

Published 5 September 2018.

Miscellany 10 - for 2017 -  published in  April 2018. Articles comprise the following

Our Passchendale - 2017 - Sally and Stuart Mullins ; A short account of Henry Bradley - Philip Cousins; Brimington's gala queen 1967 - Janet Walmsley; Memories of  Brimington Common Methodist Church - the late A.E. Buckley. Plus our usual chronicle of local events.

It is available at our meetings or fill in the contact form for more details on how to obtain a copy by post.

Published 18 March 2018 revised 11 June 2018.

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