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Henry Bradley (1845-1923) was not born in Brimington, but resided here in his youth, where his father worked for John Knowles's clay pipe and sanitary brick manufacturers outstation and iron smelting business on Brimington Common (the present Furnace Farm). during his time in the area Bradley attended Chesterfield Grammar School. On leaving Brimington in 1859 the family went to live in Sheffield. Bradley became senior and later joint editor of the then infant 'New Oxford English Dictionary'. He has made a lasting contribution to the study of the English language and to the Dictionary in particular. This account, by Philip Cousins, covers his early years in Brimington and gives some impression of the work he carried out in his later years. Conditions on Brimington Common along with a short account of John Knowles activities in the area are also given. This account has been extracted from Brimington and Tapton Miscellany 10, (for 2018).

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